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Because we are all pet owners, The Bone Adventure understands the anxiety both owners and dogs go through when they need to separate for travel. This is why The Bone Adventure offers Boarding along with it’s Daycare services. We know that you want your dog (and yourself) to be as comfortable as possible. What better way to do this than to board your dog where he loves to play during the day!


At The Bone Adventure, boarding and daycare dogs spend over 14 hours in a cage free and fun inside and outside environment. They have played with dogs all day, jumped and splashed in the bone shaped pools, played hide and seek in the tunnels, played with the bubbles machine, and lounged in the sun or next to a cozy heater.



Overnights at The Bone Backyard are unlike any other facility we know of! We offer slumber party-style sleepovers in both our big and little dog areas. There are couches, beds, and dog beds in each of the sleeping areas, so if several dogs want to cuddle on the couch together they can! Or if someone prefers to sleep on the sidelines alone they can!



For the discerning doggie, we also have “doggie dens” situated inside of our sleeping areas. These are areas we use for feeding the dogs, but if your dog is accustomed to sleeping in a crate at home or you think they would be more comfortable with their own space, just let us know and they can have one at night! We have 24 hour supervision with the dogs to ensure safety and a good night’s sleep.


We do book up for overnights quickly, so please make sure you make a reservation in advance!


Don’t forget to customize your dog’s stay by making an appointment for a bath and haircut in The Bone Adventure S’Paw.  Your dog will be so excited to see you and although he will be tired, he will be looking and feeling great!