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Bone Home is located in a fantastic and safe neighborhood with pre-existing industrial structures alongside developing retail and housing areas.  Parking is a PREMIUM here, so we try to utilize the parking we have in a safe and efficient manner.

The good news is that we have a fantastic clientele and we can only remember one or two punches thrown between clients! (kidding!!! No punches yet).  Once you have come into Bone Home a few times you will know that the peak pickup and dropoff times make our parking lot crowded.  But don’t worry….there’s really no bad news, just advice for how to easily and safely navigate our parking area.

Below are a few pointers while navigating our parking lot:


  1.  The parking spaces closest to the front door (alongside our fence) are designed for temporary parking for clients. We ask that you limit your stay to five-ten minutes when you use these spaces.  Also, please park on the left side of this area, as close to the fence as you can (while still allowing you to get out of your car!).  This will allow the flow of cars in and out of the facility.  If you park in the center or right side of this area, you will block the cars parked in the back of our facility and cause log jams.
  2. When you back out of Bone Home, keep an eye on the telephone pole just south of our lot entrance….In eleven years, that pole has taken a few nudges, so make sure you spot that pole when you are backing out.
  3. Also when backing out: NEVER NEVER NEVER back out onto Superior!  With a bit of practice, you can back up into the front lot and then DRIVE out onto Superior!  It’s much safer that way, and cars parked in the front are used to looking for those backup lights coming around. In addition, make note of where our big sign is, next to our mail box.
  4. Take it slow, even if you are a very experienced Bone Homer!  Everything goes more smoothly when people take it slowly and show patience when someone is just learning to navigate.
  5. If you are coming out of the lot for the first time, DO NOT HESITATE to ask one of our staff members to help you back out.  We’ve all been through it before and we want to make your experience stress free.  So please ask for help!!