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The Bone Adventure opened it’s doors in August, 2003. The company was founded by Diane Cuniff, who saw an opportunity in Orange County to be one of the first cage free dog daycares. After securing all the city permits, The Bone Adventure on Superior was built out with the needs of a discriminating clientele kept front and center. Because many potential clients had never used a dog daycare before, they didn’t know what they didn’t know! The most important part of a facility is to have a great indoor and outdoor facility. If you do not have an outdoor space, how can your dog soak up that sunshine we get 300 days per year?


The next big project is flooring. This is the most expensive part of a dog daycare facility. You need to have a floor that is waterproof, and one that has some sort of cushion for the dogs when they roll around. The Bone Adventure researched the best flooring in the marketplace: a poured rubberized flooring that provides the waterproofing and comfort that is required in a great dog daycare.


The first dogs arrived at Bone Home in August, 2003. We started off with just two dogs per day. We grew our business by word of mouth. By December, we were averaging about 20 dogs per day. And the company grew from there….We provided pickup and dropoff services almost immediately, and began offering boarding in January of 2004.


Between 2004 and 2010, the company grew to the point where we had to make a decision about taking the next step. We knew we had a special place. Our staff has always been the best, and we were able to attract quality individuals who loved dogs and enjoyed the challenge of an entrepreneurial environment. The Bone Adventure has several managers here who have worked here for all their years of college and are now helping us to take our business to the next level.


In 2010, we noticed the building over on Bristol. The old Flowerdale Nursery, that had been there for 50 years. It had recently gone out of business, and was vacant. It was a dream come true for The Bone! It was a way to expand, and still keep the staff together. The buildings are far enough apart that location can drive the decision of which place a client wants to go, but close enough that each member of our staff can work at both locations. It took six months to get our permits and to build out the facility for dogs….again…a great indoor and outdoor area, flooring (including 20,000 feet of K9 Grass)!


We opened our doors officially in February 2011, and we have had quite a ride since then! We have many new clients at Bone Backyard because it is close to three major freeways and you can actually see us from the 73/55 interchange! The company doubled it’s growth in under two years. We have learned a lot in these years, and are thankful for a fantastic staff and even more fantastic client base who has helped guide us and test us to make sure we are building the best and safest place we can.


The Bone Adventure now has two distinct facilities: Bone Home (Superior) and Bone Backyard (Bristol St). Each one is unique, but offers the same level of service and the same people at both locations. Bone Home is our flagship location. It is smaller, and dogs who come here are in for a treat of getting a lot of human attention. Because it’s smaller, there are more people per dog, so a dog that has separation anxiety, or craves the attention of us humans, or older dogs, very small dogs, will have a great time at Bone Home. Your dog will get plenty of exercise, just not as many other dogs, and a more Homelike environment. There are kiddie pools in each area, and a bubbles machine to get the attention of even the laziest of our dog friends!


Bone Backyard is for the well socialized and energetic dogs! There is a lot going on here! It’s a big facility, with a lot of moving parts. Dogs who do well here want constant movement, they love tunnels and pools. Our staff is well trained, and having this experience of building it almost from the ground up, we know how to do this! Many of our clients use both locations. For example, they may seek Bone Backyard for daycare, because of all the activities, but prefer Bone Home when they board their dog, for the individual sleeping arrangements.


The Bone Adventure wants you to be happy, so if you want our advice on where your dog might be most happy, please just ask us!!!