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There’s a reason why we are called The Bone Adventure…A Best Friend’s Place to Play! We sure know how to play! Activity and Socialization are keys to a well adjusted dog, and The Bone Adventure is the place to get it! We have a well trained staff of dog handlers who get to know your pet individually. They will know your dog’s temperament and how to provide the right level of stimulation for a fun and safe day of play.


Working with our clients and dog handlers, dogs are separated by size and temperament. At Bone Home, there are two locations for the big dogs and two locations for the small dogs.



The famous Bone Adventure Blue Room! This is an indoor area where big dogs can play with other dogs and people in an enclosed environment.


The Bone Home Backyard! Just outside of the Blue Room is a spacious yard, equipped with K9 Grass, play structures, bubble machines, kiddie pools, misters, you name it! The yard is big enough to play in, but intimate enough to always be able to get close to a human being!


The Olive Branch! The Olive Branch is an indoor area dedicated to our little dogs (and sometimes bigger dogs with little dog personalities). There is a nice sized bed and a heater/fireplace so that the dogs can snuggle – just like home!

The Bowling Alley! Adjacent to The Olive Branch is the long bowling alley shaped yard designed specifically for small dog play. There are plenty of balls to chase, play structures to climb, and little kiddie pools that are brought out in our summer months.

There is always plenty of water in each play area. There is also a viewing area for each yard, so you are able to watch your dog enter the play area. You can stay and watch for as long as you want, and then switch over to our web cams once you leave the building! At Bone Home, we have 10 cameras designed to give you a view of every play area during all of our hours of operation.


The best way to optimize your dog’s day of play at either location of The Bone Adventure: You can drop your dog off for daycare at 6:30 a.m., proceed to work, and go workout afterwards, grab a bite to eat, and pick your dog up at our closing time, 8:00 PM. Meanwhile, The Bone Adventure will welcome your dog with loving arms, feed him breakfast, lunch, and dinner, if necessary, give him nap time if required, and give him the exercise and socialization he came here for! In addition, The Bone Adventure offers a half day session (any four hours or less), when you just need to do some errands, work out, or have lunch with a friend. We’re here for you and your dog!