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The Bone Adventure S’PAW – open to our Daycare and Boarding Clients, and also Grooming Only Clients who want the grooming talent and open atmosphere of The Bone Adventure!


Using only top of the line products and state of the art equipment providing nothing but the best for your pet.


The Bone Adventure’s signature S’Paw Bath: $25-$85
Bathing with Our hydro-surge bathing system, produces a vigorous bath with massage like features of warm soapy water penetrating through the coat while relaxing the muscles and exfoliating dead skin and coat to help bring out the happier and fluffier pup.


S’Paw bath includes:

  • Nail clipping – simple and to the quick is our goal with clipping
  • Ear cleaning – cleaners chosen especially to get that dirty job done
  • Maintenance brushing – to maintain healthy skin and coat.
  • Drying – to help reduce unwanted fur and dander


Grooming Services:
Customized by you and your groomer as unique as your pet is!


  • Full body clips – Maintaining Good Looks and Fancy Do’s Breed Clips, Body Shave, Puppy Cuts, Lion Clips, Custom Hot Rod Specialty Clips: $25-$65
  • Trimming (to maintain our beauty between haircuts) – Face, Feet, and Paw Pad Trim, Sanitary Trim (for that Brazilian bottom and belly): $15-$25
  • De-shedding treatment (aka the Furminator) – A 3 step process: Shed-less shampoo and conditioner hand blow dry with our forced air hand dryers brushing with the furminator and De-Shedding tools chosen especially for your pet $10-$30
  • Dematting – $30 per 20 Minutes
  • Anal gland expression (for those having trouble expressing themselves)-external expression to maintain healthy glands and control scooting: $8-$12
  • Face brightening and deodorizing:
    Blueberry Facial (to help maintain a brighter and whiter faces) – this pampering not just for white dogs! $6
    Angel Eyes – tear stain lightening includes eye stain trim, and deodorizing: $10
  • Relaxing and therapeutic massage and soak (eucalyptus, great de-stressor for the “nervous nellie’s”, tangerine-therapeutic for older dogs): $6
  • Conditioning Treatment (treatments to choose from: deep conditioning, hypoallergenic, hot oil, oatmeal): $6-$8


Maintenance between baths (bathing not required):


  • Paw pedicure (aka nail trim) – simple and to the quick is our goal: $8
  • Nail filing – for the smoother finish: $10
  • Paw pad moisturizing treatment – includes paw massage: $6
  • Ear washing (deodorizing, medicated, and sensitive ear wash): $6
  • Fur plucking or exterior ear shaving: $6-$8
  • Dental Hygiene – 3 step process – complete brushing with plaque fighting tooth paste dental chew toys to help break down tarter follow up breath spray for that cool fresh feeling: $10
  • Leave on flea treatment – 30 dayFrontline Plus – fleas, ticks, lice: $19
    Advantage II -flea and lice: $19
  • Sunscreen application: $6