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Welcome to The Bone Adventure Swim Club! Our saltwater pool is the best place for your furry friend to splash around, exercise, and have the time of their life! Trained staff members are on hand to make sure everyone is safe. Heated for year round use, this L-shaped saltwater pool is 50 feet by 35 feet and 4 feet deep in the dock diving area. It’s perfect for swimmers, jumpers and dogs who just want to frolic around and get their feet wet!


Dock Diving
The dock area houses a 40 foot long dock, complete with retractable sun shades to keep the dock’s surface cool during the day- perfect for all dogs ready to jump into the pool and make a splash! It is a great area for dogs who are just starting out or practicing for dock diving competitions. For those with a competitive spirit, we have distance markers along the edge of the pool so you can see how far your dog can jump!


Shallow Pool Area
The shallow pool area has a walk-in beach style entry into the pool that is two feet at its deepest point. There are water fountains that provide fun for the dogs to splash around in. The island is an exclusive lounging area for all those sunbathers out there. It is perfect for all dogs, especially those who are swimming newbies! The beach is not only an excellent area to play but a peaceful paradise.


Benefits of Swimming
We all know that swimming is a blast, but there are many other benefits of swimming for dogs! Swimming is a great, low impact way for your dog to get the exercise they need without added strain to their joints. With lots of toys for the dogs to play with, they also will get mental stimulation- a necessity for happy, healthy dogs! Safely exercising your dog in the hotter months can be a challenge, but the Swim Club is great way to cool them off while also burning off that extra energy. Swimming is great for all life stages, from puppies to seniors!


The Bone Adventure is known for its expansive webcam service which includes the Swim Club- a great option for any owners who want to watch their dog play in the pool “live” from anywhere. The Bone Adventure also has designated areas where you are able to watch your dog and other dogs splashing around in the pool. Just keep swimming!



‘Intro to Swim’ Class
Before they can enjoy everything the pool has to offer, your pup is required to complete our “Intro to Swim” class- we use this 30 minute session to gently introduce dogs to the water and ensure they know how to safely use the pool exits. If your dog has never been swimming before, The Bone Adventure staff will guide them and determine what they are capable of- we want everyone to have a positive experience here at the Swim Club! Beginning swimmers will be provided with high quality Ruffwear life jackets to help them out. We have life jackets on hand for all sizes, so your dog will be safe whether you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane! To avoid any accidents, please refrain from feeding your dog within one hour of arriving at the pool.


To sign your dog up for an Intro to Swim class, please call us at (714) 604-1414.


Health Requirements
The Bone Adventure loves your dogs and want everyone to be safe and healthy! Swimming is a great way for dogs to stay healthy but there are risks for dogs with previous health concerns. If your dog is prone to (or has had previous issues) such as urinary tract infections, ear infections and skin infections, please keep an eye out. We thoroughly rinse the dogs after swimming and provide towels to dry them off- we also have cotton balls to dry their ears. It is highly recommended to consult with your veterinarian to make sure your dog is healthy enough to swim.


Please check with your vet to make sure your dog is up to date on all vaccines:
Bordetella (The Bone Adventure requires every 6 months)
DHLPP (One year or three year)
Rabies (One year or three year)
Ova and Parasite Test, plus Giardia ELISA Test (Bring a poop sample to your vet) (The Bone Adventure require every 6 months)


Please keep in mind that if a dog poops in the pool, we will have to cancel classes for at least one hour in order to properly clean the entire pool. We will do our best to reschedule any affected classes where the schedule will allow. We apologize for any inconveniences.



Intro to Swim Classes Pricing
Current Client Intro to Swim – 30 Minutes $10 only for current clients
New Client Intro to Swim – 30 Minutes $20
Group Swims Pricing * pricing is per dog
30 Minute Group Swim with Daycare or Boarding $15
30 Minute Group Swim $30
60 Minute Group Swim with Daycare or Boarding $30
60 Minute Group Swim $53
Private Swims Pricing
30 Minute Reserve Swim – up to 5 dogs $120
60 Minute Reserve Swim – up to 5 dogs $240
Private Parties Pricing per Hour
Small Private Party (6 to 10 dogs) $360/ hour by reservation only
Large Private Party (11-15 dogs) $540/ hour by reservation only
Dock Diving Classes: Both Beginner & Intermediate Jumpers
Friday Dock Diving Class – 45 Minutes (starting 9/23/22) $45 3:15pm
Saturday Dock Diving Class – 45 Minutes $45 9:15am and 3:15pm


***Please call or email for availability. All services based on first come first serve.***

(714) 604-1414

Swim Club Email:


Group Swims – This is an open swim group that is capped out between 10-12 dogs. It is a great way for your dog to get exercise and also socialize with other dogs in the group. Clients are welcome to come back to enjoy the fun during certain times of the day! Call to make an appointment.

Private Swims – These are by appointment only. This is a way for you to have the pool to yourself and your dog and up to 15 dogs total. It could be anything from just a private swim, a small group, or even a celebratory event. (Half deposits are taken 2 weeks prior to the reserved time. 24 hour cancellation policy for refunds, credit will be applied to your account otherwise.)

Dock Diving – Dock Diving is a fun & competitive sport that YOU and your dog can do together! Our dock is a perfect way for you to see how far or high your dog can jump into our pool! We have a trained staff member to assist you and your dog. We will work with dogs based on their level of skill.