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Q: When should my dog arrive for boarding?

A: Anytime between 6:30 am and 8 pm.  Our boarding operates just like a hotel…  So no matter what time your dog checks in, they will be paying the same price to sleep overnight – whether you are on a package or not.  We do this to encourage you to bring your dog in as early as possible, ensuring your dog will have plenty of time to play and acclimate before bedtime.  A tired dog will sleep much better than a dog that’s been napping at home all day! This typically works to most people’s/dog’s benefit, but in the event that your schedule necessitates you bringing your dog close to 8 pm we will still subtract a full day from the package.

Q: What time do I need to pick my dog up by on the day they go home in order to not be charged for daycare?

A: 11 am is our normal checkout time.  You are welcome to pickup after that, but we will charge for either a ½ day of daycare (11am-3 pm) or a full day of daycare (3pm-8pm), depending on when you pick them up.  However, if your dog will be getting groomed by us the day they go home we will give you a couple of extra hours for free. This means your dog can stay until 1 pm with no daycare charge, until 5 pm with a 1/2 day charge, and only 5-8pm would be a full day charge.

Q: What if I am running late for my scheduled pickup time, will you charge me for daycare?

A: We try not to be sticklers, but we hope you understand our need to stick to our policies regarding charges related to pickup times.


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Bone Home (1629 Superior, Costa Mesa) is the ideal location for older dogs, puppies, and dogs that need that extra bit of help to build up their socialization skills (you could call it the “high school” level of socialization). With a more mellow and home-like environment, Bone Home offers the perfect balance of play and relaxation for your dog and is excellent for long term boarding stays.


The Bone Backyard (2700 Bristol, Costa Mesa) is better for extremely socialized dogs, dogs who love to swim, and dogs who need that extra bit of running stimulation (“university” level of socialization)!