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Q: What if I am running late for my scheduled pickup time, will you charge me for daycare?

A: We try not to be sticklers, but we hope you understand our need to stick to our policies regarding charges related to pickup times.

Q: How does a daycare package work?

A: Our daycare packages are paid in full up front, so just let us know that you want to start on a package. Once we take payment you are all set, and each time that your dog comes in we will automatically deduct a day (or a ½!) from their package.

Q: Which package is right for me?

A: Benefits of a package: Substantially discounted daycare and boarding costs, quick and easy check-outs, and statements at the end of each package to show you where your days went! Packages are great if you are planning on bringing your dog on a somewhat regular basis.  Downside to a package: They expire! Our fulltime package gives you 1 month to use it, while our 10 and 20 day packages expire 6 months from the date of first use!

Our most common packages are our 10 and 20 visit packages. These packages expire six months after the first day of use.  We also offer a monthly or “fulltime” package that is designed for our dogs that need care 5+days per week, and it expires 4 weeks after the first day of use. If your dog needs care only 4 days per week, then you are better off with a 20 day package. Still have questions regarding packages? Feel free to contact either of our offices or you can email statements@theboneadventure.com.

Q: If I want to drop my dog off for a ½ day, can I still use my daycare package?

A: Absolutely!  ½ days are up to 4 hours of play during our normal business hours.  So you can do 630-1030, 12-4, 3:15-7:15…you get the idea! ½ days on our packages are the most cost effective way to get your dog exercised and socialized!! To take advantage of our ½ days just make sure you let us know at dropoff that you will only be doing a half day so that we can mark it accordingly in our computer system.  We also have a ½ day sign in sheet at the front desk for you to fill out.  We have this paper system for ½ days as a checks and balances to ensure that we give you ½ day credit where it is due.  So PLEASE make sure you sign your dog in and out for ½ days so we can make sure to credit your account properly!!

Q: My dog will only be doing boarding.  Should I still get a daycare package so I can get the discounted boarding rate?

A: Well…It depends! How often are you planning to board your dog? We typically recommend doing a package only if you are planning on also using us for daycare or if you will need really regular boarding several times per month. Keep in mind that our daycare packages expire within 6 months, so it’s important you determine how often you think you will be bringing your dog so that you don’t have extra days that will go to waste and negate any discount you would have seen!  So if you’ll just be taking the occasional vacation, forego the package.

Q: Do you offer a boarding package? How does boarding work if I have a daycare package?

A: We do not have a specific boarding package at this time, however you can use the daycare packages in conjunction with boarding stays… it just gets a little more complicated!

If your dog is on a daycare pass and comes for boarding, we will take a day of daycare off for each night they stay with us (no matter what time you check in!) and charge you an overnight upcharge for spending the night. The more nights your dog stays with us, the less the upcharge is! Our checkout time is 11am on the day your dog leaves from boarding. So if you pick them up by 11am, we will not take any additional daycare days off of their package, if you pick up by 3pm, we’ll only take a ½ day of daycare off of their package, and after 3pm results in a full day being taken off.  To determine how much an overnight will cost you would add the overnight charge for the length of stay you are doing to the per day cost of your daycare package to get the total.

If you are just planning to use our boarding services every once in while, we do not suggest a daycare package for your dog. Keep in mind, we do offer discounted boarding rates depending on the length of the stay. Please feel free to contact us if you’re not sure if your dog should be on a daycare package or not.

Q: How do I know when my dog is out of daycare days?

A: We make a spreadsheet for everyone that is on a package, known as your “statement.” The statement is an ongoing excel spreadsheet that details all of your dog’s visits to The Bone Adventure since the first day you signed him/her up for a daycare package. The statement lists all daycare, boarding and grooming invoices and is the best way for us (and YOU) to keep track of your dog’s days! You will get a statement e-mailed to you when your dog is running low on days (we try to send them out when your dog has one full daycare day left), but you are always welcome to request a statement at any time by letting us know.


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Bone Home (1629 Superior, Costa Mesa) is the ideal location for older dogs, puppies, and dogs that need that extra bit of help to build up their socialization skills (you could call it the “high school” level of socialization). With a more mellow and home-like environment, Bone Home offers the perfect balance of play and relaxation for your dog and is excellent for long term boarding stays.


The Bone Backyard (2700 Bristol, Costa Mesa) is better for extremely socialized dogs, dogs who love to swim, and dogs who need that extra bit of running stimulation (“university” level of socialization)!