A Day in the Life of Benny Boy Joseph, a Goldendoodle, at The Bone Adventure

“Cyrene! Cyrene! You aren’t going fast enough!” I bark at my favorite van driver as we turn into the parking lot of my happy place, The Bone Backyard. I jump out of the van with Milli, the Westie, and Cyrene lets us sniff the dog-shaped hedge to see which of our friends have already arrived for the day.

Our pack walks through the front doors and I see some of my best human friends (besides my mom, of course). They give me so many pets and play with me all day long! I pull through the many doors until I finally make it into the backyard.


The backyard is a blast! I run outside and join a game of chase through the tunnels. I’m fast, but some of the Aussies are hard to catch! I trot over to Marissa, one of the dog handlers, for some love while catching my breath.

Suddenly, I hear someone call my name. “Benny Boy, it’s time for the pool!” I stop at Captain Larry’s, the side yard, and I know the drill from here. It’s time to find a spot to do my business and I need to do it fast; I want to be in the water already! *Sniff, sniff… Scratch, scratch…*. Now, off to the pool we go!


When Breana opens the pool door, I race outside and fly into the water to retrieve my favorite blue ball. Poppy Bear is dock diving and I’m so glad she’s out here today. Poppy’s my best friend at the Swim Club, we like to play chase on the Swim Deck.


After all the swimming, I rinse off and head back to the yard. I find my usual sunbathing spot and settle down to dry off and get more pets from Eva. Drying off! That reminds me… tomorrow I have my regular s’paw appointment! Mom believes in “treating yourself.” I love how gentle the grooming team is, they always make sure to leave me soft, fluffy and smelling great.


I jump into another game of chase, this time with Piper the Husky. Oh! Cyrene’s back to take me home! I can’t stop wiggling, Cyrene’s one of my favorite humans at The Bone. Cyrene puts my leash on and we’re off to the van with Piper and a few other friends. I bark once more to my friends at The Bone Backyard, “See you guys tomorrow!”


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