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Here at the Bone Adventure, we strive to always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to creating the best doggie daycare experience imaginable. We have always known that physically exercising your dog is important, but what about mentally exercising your dog? Just like us, dog’s need mental stimulation to stay sharp! Research shows that just 30 minutes of mental exercise is as effective as 60 minutes of physical exercise. We aim to provide an environment that helps your dog get the most of their time at daycare, and that’s why we’ve designed UltiMutt Games, our newest program featured at Bone Home.

UltiMutt Games is great for all dogs of any age, shape or size!! Puppies, high energy dogs, shy dogs, senior dogs or dogs that are prone to boredom and mischief will benefit from UltiMutt Games. As long as your dog has energy to burn and likes to learn new things, they are a great candidate!

So, what is UltiMutt games, you might ask? Well, it’s definitely not your average play day, that’s for sure! Our program is designed as a circuit workout filled with mentally and physically challenging exercises for your pup. Our exercises consist of Puzzles, Agility course work and even a Treadmill!

Puzzles: Puzzles are great for strengthening those doggie brain muscles! Any food motivated pup will love it! We hide treats within the puzzle, so your pups are encouraged to solve the puzzle to find the hidden treats. We have a wide variety of puzzle designs ranging from beginner to advanced, so rest assured, your dog will never get bored!

Agility Course: Agility courses are great for dogs of all sizes who love to learn and thrive off of learning new things. If your dog enjoys running, responds to commands and is high energy, they just might be the right dog for agility! Our trained staff helps your dog learn our changing courses, while offering rewards as they complete their challenges. Working their mind and their body!

Treadmill: Treadmill is to help get those extra zoomies out! So many pups just want to get their zoomies out, but it can potentially be dangerous in a group setting like our yards. This is a safe and quick way for your dog to get that extra energy out!

With so many different exercise options that UltiMutt Games has to offer; we’re bound to find the right activities for your pup!

For now, we have decided to only offer this program (at no additional charge!) at our Bone Home location. We love being a multi-location business that is able to maintain consistency as well as diversity amongst each location. Since most of our clients go back and forth, to and from each location (along with all of our staff rotating throughout the week between locations), it is important to remember that whichever location you decide to bring your dog to for the day (or overnight), they will always be greeted by familiar faces and see their usual doggie friends—Bone Home may be a change of scenery for some (and who doesn’t love a change of scenery, along with that ocean breeze?). As you know, Bone Backyard is always a great option for that physical, run till ya snooze, type of activity (what dog dreams are made of), but it is our goal to keep your dog both physically and mentally sharp, and we feel our Bone Home location is the perfect location to incorporate both!

We hope you are all as excited as we are, because we can’t wait to have your dog experience our new program! We know your pup is going to love it, and we know YOU will love knowing that your pup is getting the best all-around, mind and body experience at Bone Home!